ALBUM REVIEW - "Reconstructed (solo piano)

by Lee Armstrong


Friday, June 8, 2012

"A Horse In Full Gallop"  [5 stars *****]

I first listened to this CD in my car. About four different mid-size trips, sometimes the window rolled down and the sound turned up full blast; sometimes in rain & thunder; sometimes in quiet air conditioning. The thing that utterly surprised me when I popped this out of the changer was that this is SOLO piano! I could have sworn there was a full orchestra. So fully do Isadar's lovely melodies bring you into the music, experiencing a plethora of emotional levels from the most serene and pastoral to stormy emotional imbroglios, that you feel a full sonic wallop as if horns, strings, brass and percussion were there with him. The opener "Summer Nights" is glorious, lovely and joyously mysterious. His second song "Throwing the Dice" bounces & tumbles with full force, sometimes with Isadar's fingers touching the keys like a whisper, at other times with the force of a horse in full gallop. "Where the Wild Things Are" bounces vibrantly, jumping out the speakers and rattling you by the collar. The set closer, "Voice of God (Thanksgiving)" is a lovely contemplative melody. "Near the Edge of Light" & "Overview" also read as delightful & distinct. "Reconstructed" is an excellent set, one worth seeking out for all who love instrumental piano. Enjoy!