ISADAR - Lessons In Love
Description:   Male Vocal / Pop / Dance

 ***This album will be undergoing a major facelift.  It is temporarily unavailable due to planned remixing and remastering.  However, a few tracks are currently available on the sampler "Scratching The Surface (Disc 2 - Electronic Soundscapes)"


 1.   Waiting For Me  Listen

 2.   Brand New  Listen

 3.   A Story  Listen

 4.   Secrets  Listen

 5.   BANG!  Listen

 6.   Underground  Listen

 7.   Dead Or Alive (Alternative Mix)  Listen

 8.   No Hope  Listen Watch Video

 9.   Wrong (Full-On Mix)  Listen

10.  A Void In Me  Listen

11.  Own My Own  Listen

12.  Come Away (Inside Of Me)  Listen

13.  Going Places  Listen

14.  Over Here  Listen

15.  Waiting For Me (Cinematic Action Mix)  Listen

16.  Dead Or Alive (Acappella-Plus Mix)  Listen

17.  Wrong (Basic Mix)  Listen

Running time:  77:37



 1.   Lessons In Love (The Messenger) [Matrix/Zion Trance Mix]

 2.   Loving You From Afar (Adagio)  Listen  Watch Video

 3.   Loving You From Afar (Presto)  Listen  Watch Video

 4.   All To Me  Listen 

 5.   Breakdown  Listen

 6.   No Turning Back  Listen

 7.   Come To Me  Listen  Watch Video

 8.   Want You Tonight  Listen

 9.   He Comforts Me  Listen 

10.  Fix (Metropolis Mix)  Listen

11.  Warning Sign  Listen 

12.  Rut  Listen

13.  To The Top  Listen

14.  I Love You  Listen  Watch Video

15.  Make Me Wanna Come  Listen

16.  Want You Tonight (Acappella Mix)  Listen

17.  Loving You From Afar (Bouncy Remix)  Listen  Watch Video

18.  Rut (Broadway Musical Mix)  Listen

19.  A Story (Cliffnotes Version)  Listen

Running time:  78:52



  1.  Dream Of The Dead (12" Mix)  Listen  Watch Video

  2.  Hangin' On (Go Go Remix)  Listen

  3.  Brand New (Dream Mix)  Listen 

  4.  Secrets (Instrumental Mix)  Listen

  5.  Dead Or Alive (Stripped Down Mix)  Listen

  6.  Want You Tonight (Fung Shui House Mix)  Listen 

  7.  Going Places (Convertible Mix)  Listen

  8.  Hangin' On (Instrumental Go Go Remix)  Listen

  9.  Dream Of The Dead (Single / Radio Remix)  Listen  Watch Video

10.  Want You Tonight (Dreamy Mix)  Listen 

11.  Alberto  Listen

12.  Dead Or Alive  Listen

13.  The Cat's Meow  Listen

14.  Wrong (Rhythm Mix)  Listen

15.  Going Places (Greyhound Bus Mix)  Listen 

16.  Dream Of The Dead (Remix / Instrumental)  Listen

17.  Waiting II (solo piano)  Listen

Running time:  79:09