ISADAR - Scratching The Surface - Sampler (Disc 2 - Electro-Voice)
Description:  "Scratching The Surface" is a compilation of Isadar's recorded work prior to 2007. Disc 2, focuses on vocal and electronic projects. The collection contains 3 bonus tracks not available anywhere else: A cover of the classic Peggy Lee's "Fever," a cover of Madonna's "Burning Up," and lastly, a cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)." A few other tracks have been re-mixed, others edited down for time constraints. This sampler is an excellent collection which presents highlights of his recordings dating back to the late 1980s. Promotional videos for 10 of these 16 tracks were made subsequent to the release of this collection.

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 1.  Fever  Listen
      [BONUS, 1998/2006]

 2.  Burning Up (c. Madonna)  Listen Watch Video
      [BONUS, 2006]

 3.  Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Listen Watch Video
      {c. Kate Bush} [BONUS, 2006]

 4.  The Bermuda Triangle  Listen Watch Video
      [from "Private Property," 2006]

 5.  Take Me Back  Listen Watch Video
      [from "Private Property," 2006]

 6.  I Love You  Listen Watch Video
      [from "Lessons In Love," 2005]

 7.  Loving You From Afar (Adagio)  Listen Watch Video
      [from "Lessons In Love," 2005]

 8.  Lessons In Love (The Messenger)  Listen Watch Video
      [from "Lessons In Love," 2005]

 9.  This Light (edit)  Listen
      [original version appears on "Cycles," 1998]

10.  Dream Of The Dead  Listen Watch Video
      [from "Dream of the Dead," 1997]

11.  Evil Blazing Fire  Listen
      [from "Elevations (Electronic Soundscapes)," 1994]

12.  Keep It Inside (video edit)  Listen Watch Video
      [original mix appears on "Cycles," 1998]

13.  Hangin' On (Go Go Remix) (f/ Richard Landry)  Listen
      [from "Dream of the Dead," 1997]

14.  African Safari  Listen Watch Video
      [from "Elevations (Electronic Soundscapes)," 1994]

15.  Everything's Gonna Be Alright  Listen
     v(f/ Rufus Thibodeaux) [from "Dream of the Dead," 1997]

16.  Superdome  Listen Watch Video
      [from "Private Property," 2006]