ISADAR - Dream Of The Dead
Description:  Intellectual, dark, yet romantic Euro Art-Rock Pop.  Psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung's dream interpretations couldn't crack this story arc, theme, meaning or layers.  Isadar's 'piece de resistance!'



The Dream

  1.  Reality (Two Different Worlds)  Listen

  2.  Dream Of The Dead  Listen Watch Video

  3.  Hangin' On  Listen

The Enchantment

  4.  Back To The Beginning  Listen

  5.  Everything I Was Looking For  Listen Watch Video

  6.  Fun & Games  Listen Watch Video

The Awakening

  7.  Not That Easy  Listen

  8.  By My Side  Listen Watch Video

  9.  Everything's Gonna Be Alright  Listen

10.  Wake Up  Listen 

11.  Wake Up (excerpt from 12" Remix [hidden cut])  Listen

    Following Bonus Tracks Available Thru Download Only

12.  Haunting Me  Listen

13.  Thinking About You  Listen Watch Video


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