Dream Of The Dead - ALBUM CREDITS


Mastered by Thomas Ruff at Sony Music Studios, New York, NY

Photography:  Gerard Murrell (1950 - 1991), except pp. 2 & 19 by Lynda Frese

Aquatinting:  pp. 2 & 19 by Isadar

Image Manipulation (Cover):  Robert Shepard

Packaging Design/Art Direction:  Isadar

Layout Consulting:  Morris Ardoin

All songs by F.I. Thibodeaux and are published by Mainya Music Publishing (BMI)

Running time:  39:00      MME- 0200        © è 1997 Mainya Music Entertainment

Thanks:  Acadiana Friends of C.G. Jung, Victor Andrews, Marco Baria, Robert Barrilleaux, Monte Bartlett, Celina Borovecki, Traci Boubede, Liz Simmons Bryan, Jean-Claire Burleigh, Louise Carlson, Carl Castille, Charlene & Andy, Rob Cohen, Robert Constanzo, Margaret Daniel (My Voice Teacher), Walter Fendrich, Joe Ferland, Bob Fernandez, Carolyn Gibson, Lamont Goodman, Ruby Grier, Chuck Hamsa, Frank Hanley, Scott Hawley, Dr. Stewart Hoch, Rick Holtry, Ian Huckabee, Marilyn Hudson, Allen Hudspeth, Katrina Huggs, Sheila Johnson, Dennis LaCroix, Nina Lataniotis, Mark LeBlanc, Dionne Lembo, Tony Martell, Elizabeth McGuire, Marissa Mencher, Gary Miller, Sherry Moore, Gerard Murrell, Bob Muszynski, Richard Peck, Michael Pirrocco, Timmy Poole, Anne Pope, Brian Quibodeau (KRVS), Will Quinnell, Vivian Rodriguez, Joe Salvo, Shirley Sands (WRKF), Leslie Donahue Schilling, Kim Sharp, Robert Shepard, Angela Simoneaux, George Smith, Larry Tripaldi, David Trottie, USL School of Music, Jeanette Wickham, Linda Wotipka, Lydia Wright.

Special Thanks:  Morris Ardoin, Deanna Fouin, Gene Lavergne, Lawrence Moncla, Shawn Murphy (KTDY), Bob Musso, David Rachou, Tom Ruff.  Dexter, for helping me transcribe the violins.  Jude, for your work on the website.  My friends and family (especially my parents, Aaron and Ethel) for their support.  To all of the musicians, technicians, and artists involved in making this record.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my Grandmother, "Ma-Mom Gussie"