ISADAR - Scratching The Surface - Sampler  (Disc 1 - Solo Piano)
Description:  "Scratching The Surface" is a compilation of Isadar's recorded works prior to 2007. Disc 1, focuses exclusively on solo piano projects. The collection contains 2 bonus tracks not available anywhere else: a solo piano version "remix" of the vocal track "The Bermuda Triangle" which appeared on the 2006 album, 'Private Property,' and the sole new track recorded specifically for this release (and from which the entire collection draws it's namesake,) "Scratching The Surface." This sampler is an excellent collection which presents highlights of his piano recordings dating back to his debut 1990 album "Near The Edge Of Light." Performance videos (and a few music video clips) have been created for 11 of these 13 tracks and were made subsequent to the release of this collection.  *** Read review here ***

        ***Sheet Music Available***

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 1.  New York City Skyline  Listen
      [from "The Purple Heart," 2003]

 2.  In A Corner  Listen
      [from "Near the Edge of Light," 1990]

 3.  The Journey  Listen
      [from "The Journey," 2000]

 4.  Waiting  Listen
      [from "Active Imagination," 1999]

 5.  The Bermuda Triangle (solo piano version)  Listen
      [BONUS, original appears on "Private Property," 2006]

 6.  Overview  Listen
      [from "Near the Edge of Light," 1990]

 7.  By Ear / By Heart / By Soul  Listen
      [from "The Purple Heart," 2003]

 8.  Sratching The Surface  Listen
      [BONUS, 2004]

 9.  Voice Of God (Thanksgiving)  Listen
      [from "The Journey," 2000]

10.  Jealous Heart  Listen
      [from "Near the Edge of Light," 1990]

11.  Greensleeves (homage to Liz Story)  Listen
      [from "In Search for the Meaning of Christmas," 1999]

12.  End Of The Line  Listen
      [from "The Journey," 2000]

13.  Love Chaconne  Listen
      [from "Active Imagination," 1999]


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