REGINA MUSIC BOX - Memories Of Christmas Credits

Produced by:   Fabian I. Thibodeaux

Recorded at:  Wells Fargo Building (1897),  Abbeville, LA  (December 28, 1998)

Recording Engineer:  David Rachou

Recorded digitally on location by:  La Louisianne Recordings, Lafayette, LA

Digital editing, mixing and assembly at:  MME Recordings, Louisiana

All compositions and arrangements are in the public domain
© è 2000 Mainya Music Entertainment     MME- 0900

The musical sounds in this recording were produced from a very unique and largely forgotten instrument, a Regina Music Box - a single-comb Model 13, 15 ½ disk player (manufactured in 1901, Rahway, New Jersey).  It is part of a private antique collection owned by Dexter Thibodeaux.  We believe that the Regina's sound among all music boxes is particularly superb.  It has been our objective in making this recording to capture this unique sound as closely as possible in order that we might share with you these delightful sounds of Christmas. 

These music boxes, equivalent to a sizable piece of furniture, were manufactured from 1895-1920.  The introduction of the mass-produced Phonograph made further music box production no longer economically practical.  This classic collection of Christmas music recorded on metal disks from 100 years ago is still listened to and enjoyed by many during the Christmas season. 

May the Memories of Christmas bring you peace and joy this holiday!