ISADAR - The Purple Heart (improvisational solo piano)
Description:  "The Purple Heart" is Isadar's 8th studio album (his 5th solo piano project.) 55 minutes of live, uninterrupted, improvisational, jazz solo piano; sounds a lot like Keith Jarrett's "Köln Concert." This new edition has been remastered and contains new artwork as well as a 4-page booklet. Also available as player-piano software for the Yamaha Disklavier system and as a sheet music songbook.  This album is a memorial and is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives senselessly on September 11, 2001   *** Read review here ***

               ***Sheet Music Available***

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 1.  From Cradle To Coffin  Listen

 2.  Bravery  Listen

 3.  Numb  Listen

 4.  Loneliness  Listen

 5.  Fear  Listen

 6.  Tragic Dying  Listen

 7.  By Ear / By Heart / By Soul  Listen

 8.  Truth  Listen

 9.  Compulsive Anxiety  Listen

10.  Winter  Listen

11.  Ice  Listen

12.  Snow  Listen

13.  New York City Skyline  Listen

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