ISADAR - Private Property
Description:  'Private Property' is Isadar's 10th studio album and was released in 2006. This vocal collection consists of 10 songs and 6 bonus cuts of remixes and re-interpretations of the included repertoire. Subsequently, 5 music videos were produced to accompany 5 of the included songs to promote the album. The lyrical content of the album explores burning bridges, time travel, the hurricane Katrina (which devastated New Orleans), fatal accidents and the French concept of 'Ennui,' which loosely translates to the complete boredom of life. This album was a segue of musical stylings and lyrical content leading to later works, 'LiFe v.2.o' in 2007 and 'The Omega Point' in 2008.


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1.   The Burning Bridge  Listen

2.   Private Property  Listen  Watch Video

3.   Come And Love Me  Listen

4.   Take Me Back  Listen  Watch Video

5.   If (I Would Tell You) - Largo  Listen

6.   The Bermuda Triangle  Listen Watch Video

7.   Shelter  Listen

8.   Superdome  Listen Watch Video

9.   Fatal Accident  Listen

10.  Ennui - World Boredom  Listen Watch Video

      Bonus Tracks:

11.  The Bermuda Triangle (Bliss MixListen

12.  Fatal Accident (The Grim Reaper Remix March)  Listen

13.  Shelter (Acoustic VersionListen

14.  Ennui - World Boredom (Traca Mix)  Listen

15.  If (I Would Tell You) - Prestissimo  Listen

16.  The Bermuda Triangle (Nude Beach Mix)  Listen