ISADAR - The Omega Point (Instrumental Version)
Description:  "The Omega Point" (2008) was Isadar's 12th studio album. Conceptually rooted in Tipler's "Omega Point Theory" (the end of the universe as we know), Isadar's album is musically electronic with pop-song structure sensibilities that are occasionally danceable. Containing intelligent and thought-provoking lyrical themes, the album is much in-line with adult contemporary tastes.  Subsequently, 6 music videos were made to promote this album.

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1.   Your Man (I Wanna Be)  Listen  Watch Video

2.   Matter Of Time  Listen  Watch Video

3.   I Give You Love  Listen  Watch Video

4.   Go On  Listen

5.   Where Do I Go?  Listen

6.   Translucent Space  Listen

7.   The Omega Point  Listen  Watch Video

8.   Uh-Oh!  Listen  Watch Video

9.   Prayer  Listen

10.  Meant To Be  Listen  Watch Video

11.  Groove Sexy  Listen