ISADAR - Lite Sounds (player-piano software sampler)
Description:  Disklavier Software Collection - softer piano compositions compiled from other Isadar releases:
"Near The Edge Of Light", "Active Imagination", and "The Journey" (Ideal for entertaining:  dinner parties, etc.)

         (Approximate running time: 45min.)

 1.  Overview  listen

 2.  Summer Nights  listen

 3.  End Of The Line  listen

 4.  April Showers  listen

 5.  Waiting  listen

 6.  Holding Back  listen

 7.  Voice Of God (Thanksgiving)  listen

 8.  Jealous Heart  listen

 9.  Pocket Change  listen

10.  In A Corner  listen

11.  Love Chaconne  listen

12.  Winterkill  listen



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