ISADAR - LiFe v.2.o (Instrumental Version)
Description:  "LiFe v.2.o" is Isadar's 11th studio album. LiFe is conceptual and built around a fictional ability of being able to upgrade one's life much like a computer software program - bringing along enhancements, revisions, and upgrades resulting in a better quality of life, experience, and enjoyment.  5 music videos were created for album promotion.  Contains a vibrant cover (and a video was made) of Madonna's "Get Together" and Toni Child's "Dreamer."  Pop sensibilities that are occasionally danceable. Thought provoking themes, fit for adult contemporary tastes.

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 1.   LiFe v.2.0  Listen Watch Video

 2.   Get Together  Listen Watch Video

 3.   The Lord's Prayer (Our Father)  Listen Watch Video

 4.   See It In Your Eyes  Listen

 5.   Losing Pressure  Listen

 6.   On A Pedestal  Listen  Watch Video

 7.   Dreamer  Listen

 8.   Surrender  Listen  Watch Video

 9.   Can't Cry  Listen

10.  The Way Of This World  Listen

11.  Gonna Get You!  Listen

12.  Summertime   Listen