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October 10, 2017

It looks as though “Near The Edge Of A Different Light” is going to be delayed some. I’m having problems and issues with a Digital Distributor relating to another release that was designed to precursor this release (subsequently delaying both!). These issues are completely out of my hands. Thanks for your patience, and hopefully you’ll get the albums soon. In the meantime, another distributor will be releasing another Single from the album, “Waiting.” Look for it in the next few days.

Isadar / from the “Heart of Acadiana / Cajun Country” in the state of Louisiana


October 7, 2017

Just a quick note to say that a few albums will be released shortly.  1.  “My Spin” (an album of new and old covers that started when I began recording a version of “Fever” back in 1997).  2.  “Near the Edge of a Different Light” – brand new re-envisioned interpretations (with full instrumentation) of an assortment of my piano solos from each album up to 2000’s “The Journey.”  [Eventually, I plan to re-make the entire album of “Red” (Red/Redefined) in the same spirit using the same production techniques].   A brand new vocal album (last was 2008’s “The Omega Point”) coming shortly in 2017 called, “My Gumbo” and another new vocal album slated for early 2018 called, “Soul.”  Thanks!

Isadar / from the “Heart of Acadiana / Cajun Country” in the state of Louisiana


July 31, 2017

Everybody-75s75-Thumbnail ISADAR-Its-Over-Thumbnail ISADAR - "To Be In Love" - Single (thumbnail cover) ISADAR-Im-Gonna-Love-You-thumbnail ISADAR-Come-Here-Lover-thumbnailISADAR-Cant-Let-You-Go-thumbnail ISADAR-Everything-I-Was-Looking-For-thumbnail ISADAR-Cry-Me-A-River-thumbnail ISADAR-Two-In-Love--thumbnail

I have been very, very, VERY – busy!!! I mostly spend every single day recording and working on new music (and I’m having the time of my life!!!!) – preparing songs as “Singles” for the new music release outlets such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and if I’m lucky – – acceptance on Pandora Radio by their curators. No luck yet with regard to these new Singles, however.

So far, since December I’ve released nine brand new singles and many more are waiting to be released over the next months. Many of these tracks will be recompiled into about six different album projects. But these projects are all under wraps for now until it’s time to talk about them.

Currently, I have no plans to make any further “music videos.” I also do not see another “solo piano” project in my future at all…but never say never, right? I’ve pretty much covered all of that ground, and said what I needed to say within that art-form over those 25 years and eight albums. I also feel that my piano style has evolved into a much more complex animal. That level of complexity is no longer able to co-exist along side, or fit into the “box” and playlists of typical new-age, or the genres and places that promote the majority of what is currently being released and promoted by other “solo piano” artists. This was dissapointingly apparent with the release of my last solo piano album, “Red” in 2013. It was all but ignored. So, in a nutshell, what I’m focusing on now is music that makes me happy… I’ve decided the best I can offer is going back to my true roots – where it all began… Alternative “Art-Pop,” Rhythmic, Vocal music. For now, this gives me an incredible pallet of sound to express myself and explore uncharted territory. With much gratitude, I hope you will continue to join me on this musical journey.

Isadar / from the “Heart of Acadiana / Cajun Country” in the state of Louisiana


December 13, 2016

singles-website-promo-newsAs the music business continues to rapidly evolve, I’ve decided to make a fundamental change in how I present mine and get it out into the world.  My new method will embrace the digital “Single” format.  Typically, an album collection of music takes a very long time for me to make, but equally challenging is subsequently getting each individual song it’s own due in getting heard.  My hope is that the “Single” will improve that issue allowing me to present it in small tiny pieces over a constant period of time instead of one big chunk at one specific time where it can get entirely lost or ignored, undermining all the hard work and expense that went into making the record.

Since relocating home, I’ve been working hard on producing new music and have incorporated other musicians and singers into these new works in order to give and get a different perspective and explore genre styles outside my comfort zone.  To that end, I’ve accumulated a large cue of new “Singles” that will begin to release this week.  Due to the amount of music I’ve been able to put together (and continue to work on), these “Singles” will most likely roll out every two weeks or so (beginning this week) but then starting up officially January 10, 2017.  They are packaged digitally along with their companion “Instrumental” mix and in most cases will include an additional Bonus track (or “B Side”).

Once enough “Singles” roll-out, I plan to repackage them into album(s).  However the bonus content, including the instrumentals, will most likely go away unless you download them as the “Singles” will be pulled so that the landscape of my Catalog online doesn’t become cluttered, overwhelming and confusing.

Another point to consider is that these “Singles” are “Mastered” to get the best possible sound as a stand-alone work.  I wasn’t required to benchmark and get a “happy medium” with the sound so that the levels and equalization (EQ) flow into a sequence of other songs that might have different dynamics for an album.  Once the album gets compiled, the Mastering will also change due to this requirement.

I invite you to come along for the ride and explore the samples of each “Single” as they arrive.  Stay tuned for the first of them, “Higher (Two In Love)” which will introduce and feature the talents of both my nephews, Austin and Ryan.

Isadar / Lafayette, Louisiana


August 30, 2016

  • It is still not too late to join me and the other Enlightened Piano Radio (EPR) artists on our Carnival Cruise!

On another exciting front, my 2013 latest solo piano album, “Red” has been nominated into the Top 3 “Best Jazz Solo Piano” category of the 2016 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards Ceremony and Concert.  These are the same lovely and talented folks that made my performance at Carnegie Hall last October come to fruition.  This year, they are “upping the ante” and it will take place on the Carnival Cruise ship “Triumph (October 6th through the 10th) – leaving port in New Orleans and heading to Cozumel, Mexico.  Since I’m in the top 3 and secured the award nomination, I am guaranteed a performance spot in the concert (and will most likely be playing at other opportunities on the ship at other times).  I have already booked my cabin and the public is not only invited by EPR, but encouraged to join us for a “piano cruise.”  There are special rates available and this is the link and page you should visit if you’d like to join me and the rest of the artists on the cruise.  I look forward “seeing” you at “sea“!

  • P.S. – I’m excited to announce that I have been working on a colossal amount of new music!  In fact, I just finished recording a new “album” today (which will contain 12 new original compositions), so I’ll be putting finishing touches and working on artwork for that forthcoming release in the coming weeks.  I hope to have it out by November, but it may end up being an early 2017 release instead.   There is no title nor a planned release date as of yet, but I can tell you it is “unique” compared to my past releases so it will be interesting to see what comes of these efforts.   There are also more projects in cue, but not in a stage that I can even assume they will be released anytime soon.  I have also been very busy working with other musicians and vocalists too in order to find more palettes to broaden my sound.  I’m very grateful to be back home and able to concentrate 100% of my time and energy on these projects.

Isadar / Lafayette, Louisiana


March 11, 2016

The time has arrived in my life for closing an old chapter and opening up a new and exciting one!  In a few days, I’ll be leaving New York City and relocating back home to Louisiana.  This is actually my 3rd time leaving New York City, and I believe it to be my last.  New York has been very good to me over the past 23 years, but in the same breath it needs to be said that I’ve made tremendous sacrifices and mind-boggling compromises living inside of this urban jungle.  But it was indeed worth it for what has been given back to me in exchange.  No regrets.

The city of New York has changed so much since I arrived – I look around and can barely recognize what it has morphed into since the Summer of 1991 upon my first visit.  Because of the drastic change, I no longer have the same connection nor desire nor need to be inside of it’s boundaries or limits and it is simply time for me to move on and begin living again.  I never felt like I was “living” while being in NYC.  I just felt like I was marking time and making money for my future – and in retrospect, that was and is an accurate assessment.

One of the biggest changes for me is that I am breaking ties and leaving my employment and position of “Officer ofRecords Manager with Sony Music Entertainment after 21 years of service.  I am semi-retiring and will be concentrating on my own music full-time after a period of transition and getting resettled.  I thank NYC, I thank Sony, and I’m so grateful having had the opportunity of making nice gains on the purchase and subsequent sale of real estate here in the city – all which has enabled me to move on at this time.

Even though I’ll be “working on” my own music, I’m not sure how or what that will translate to since I will be free to do whatever I want and whenever I choose – which is a luxury I’ve never been blessed with previously.  The reason for the uncertainty, is due to the fact that I’ll no longer be focusing on forcing a “commercial conformity” (in both content and format) or trying to make money through and with my music.  Therefore, the possibilities are endless and not anchored to traditional public consumption, such as:  album releases, singles, concerts, music videos, etc.  Perhaps, I’ll make “music” and my art just for me – and not feel compelled whatsoever to share it with anyone.

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that many of my contemporaries and similar “solo pianists” in my same “New-Age genre” have been making TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of dollars individually (every single month!!!) from SoundExchange based on their spins and streaming on Pandora Radio and similar sources.  (As a benchmark comparison, I only make about $300 to $500 a month from the same SoundExchange sources).  I became SO angry and frustrated when I discovered this as most of the artists involved haven’t been around very long and haven’t spent the decades I have (as well as others in our genre) investing an incredible amount of money and countless hours within their craft, in their careers, pushing promotion, and lastly the unfathomable amount of time and money dedicated to education and training not only what I’ve sacrificed to obtain, but also what my parents sacrificed to provide for me throughout my childhood and young adulthood.  To me, this is the ultimate “slap in the face” to us all.  This is the perfect example of how the unfairness of the “new” internet radio and model of the music business is further killing musician’s careers – and their hopes and dreams.

So although we’ve gone full-circle in the music industry with allegedly transparent digital technology designed to keep the playing field leveled and fair for all artists, there are still clearly “gate-keepers” only letting certain individuals gain traction, make “recommendations” based on some seemingly arbitrary algorithm, and make tons of money in the process – and I’m not just talking “money,” but I’m talking about Michael Jackson “Estate” and Madonna “Superstar” kind of money for independent artists who you’ve probably never even heard of… Although I can be happy for these select solo pianists for their obvious luck and clearly good fortune, it seems to me that the Curators and Music Directors over at Pandora Radio and similar stations should put everyone in rotation inside these “high stream” and “high volume spin” plateau levels and algorithms in order to spread this vast wealth around!

Sometimes, you’ve just got to let things go (and this is one of those times for me) – so, I leave it all in God’s hands as I am unable to change any of this unfairness – and to keep thinking about and obsessing over it will just continue to feed my anger and frustration.  Instead, I focus on how blessed I have been elsewhere, despite this situation.

If you follow my logic, I see no reason to continue down a cycle and business model that pretty much leaves me and my music in the dust with very little compensation.  No one seems to buy CDs anymore and the mode seems to be all about and moving toward, “streaming.”  Without the Pandora inside connections, I don’t stand a chance making any financial gains with “streaming.”  Why should I bother then working and spending money on making and promoting new music?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately and the answer is simple:  because music is my passion.  That will never go away and I need to continue feeding it, if only for myself.  I live for the spark of composing and improvising, the tactile feel of my fingers on the piano, the breath of playing the flute and the oboe.  The satisfaction of getting near perfection of a main vocal performance while recording, writing lyrics that somehow fit the music and work in tandem to a melody, the intense discipline in the recording studio when recording and making final mixes, adding complex layered background vocals, and even remixing!

Completing a music project gives me the reason to do what I do and to keep going – exploring, discovering, and experimenting along the way.  Not just about the music, but about myself and life in general.  You can’t put a price on how this relates to my psyche and soul.  But the conclusion I’ve come to is that it doesn’t require I participate in the music industry, which only seems to devalue and steal my intellectual property in the name of promotion.  It’s not a requirement that I share my music, it’s a choice!  The paradox is that if I don’t have it online virtually for free (like everyone else), then no one will ever hear it… Is it worth sharing my music if it can only happen on a platform that is free and others are making advertising money off of and creating a business model by using my intellectual property for free?  For an egomaniac attention-whore, I’d say the exchange works well.  But I’m neither, and this doesn’t sit well with me.  Let’s say I instead choose not to participate and share my music going forward – where would that get me?  It would be like totally shutting down.  I know this is also not the answer.  I just need to get paid, which brings us back full-circle to the current “streaming” issue.

I talked about extreme sacrifices above while living in New York City over the past 23 years.  One good example is that I had to stop playing the flute and oboe in 1993 as I had no place to practice.  Living in a small 400 sq. ft. one-room apartment leaves one with no options.  With my relocation and semi-retirement this is all going to change.  I recently invested heavily in a hand-made Howarth of London conservatory Oboe and a special custom hand-made Muramatsu Flute.  These both have been dreams of mine.  My parents could never afford a quality oboe, as they are extremely expensive, when I played it in high-school and throughout college, and in the local orchestra – so the oboes I had access to at that time were either cheap rentals or belonged to the public school system – all inferior and very old instruments without access to simple and basic maintenance.

I plan to take these talents to their fullest extreme this time around.  When I previously played these instruments, I mostly interpreted Classical works.  In fact, my signature award-winning flute solo piece (beginning at the age of 12) was Bach’s “Badinerie” from the Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor.  This time I plan to do the same, but also compose with them as solo instruments and in combination with each other – and also with piano.  I’m also interested in collaborating with my colleagues in the New Age genre by contributing soloist work with these new instruments on their recordings.  {{If you’d like to hear me back in 1988, I’m playing both the flute and oboe together on my album, “Dream Of The Dead” in track #7., “Not That Easy.”}}

I also feel very strongly about returning to the Church – and using these musical gifts as my way of connecting to God and contributing to the Mass and church services – much like I did in high school and college.  You will find me playing flute and oboe for weddings, special Masses, events, or simply as a soloist.  The sky will be the limit, and I’ll be thinking (and playing!) outside the box…literally.

If you follow my feed on Twitter and Facebook (you should if you don’t) I had the vast pleasure of meeting Liz Story in December.  Another pianist friend and contemporary, Lisa Downing made the connection.  I had an unforgettable night sitting at a piano with Liz while she enlightened me into the combination locks I couldn’t break through on my own when interpreting her music.  Words can’t describe the incredible experience.

We left the evening talking about performing together and possibly touring as a trio (me, Liz, and Lisa Downing).  That is an option I hope presents itself soon as well (now that my schedule will be flexible to participate) as I think audiences would connect to our similar musical styles and playing – especially since Lisa and I were so inspired by Liz’s composing and arranging when we created my own works.

On another exciting front, my 2013 latest solo piano album, “Red” has been nominated into the Top 3 “Best Jazz Solo Piano” category of the 2016 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards Ceremony and Concert.  These are the same lovely and talented folks that made my performance at Carnegie Hall last October come to fruition.  This year, they are “upping the ante” and it will take place on the Carnival Cruise ship “Triumph (October 6th through the 10th) – leaving port in New Orleans and heading to Cozumel, Mexico.  Since I’m in the top 3 and secured the award nomination, I am guaranteed a performance spot in the concert (and will most likely be playing at other opportunities on the ship at other times).  I have already booked my cabin and the public is not only invited by EPR, but encouraged to join us for a “piano cruise.”  There are special rates available and this is the link and page you should visit if you’d like to join me and the rest of the artists on the cruise.  I look forward “seeing” you at “sea“!

Isadar / New York City


January 15, 2015

Happy New Year!!!  I’m very excited to start the new year by announcing that the relaunch of my 3-disc project, “Lessons In Love” is underway.  The album has been revisited, remixed, and remastered and is unrolling through virtual stores and streaming services at this time.  Like all my other vocal albums, I’ve also completed an instrumental version of the album as well, which is also now available.

This was an ambitious project from the start! …a self-imposed concept of recording a track per week during the course of a year, 2004.  Due to the quick pace, it was necessary to go back and polish the tracks to match the quality of my other vocal albums.  I believe I’ve accomplished this by painstakingly going over the production meticulously armed with evolved technology and improved skills gained over the past 10 years.  I hope the efforts are appreciated by those who listen.

Lessons In Love (Vol. 1)

Lessons In Love (Vol. 2)

Lessons In Love (Vol. 3)
On another note, the vinyl test pressings of all my vocal albums are going forward.  The copies of “The Omega Point” have been completed and sound absolutely amazing due to the special Mastering utilized for the vinyl format!

Isadar on Vinyl

I am Archiving all of my vocal albums on Vinyl utilizing Direct-to-Metal-Mastering (DMM) in the Czech Republic.  I will order a handful of extra black vinyl “test copies” to sell for $30 each.  They will not have artwork, and the white labels are to be rubber stamped.  Contact me here if you are interested in obtaining any of what will be extremely rare collectible vinyls.  When they are gone, they are gone…

Isadar / New York City


September 10, 2014

The-Gathering-II_CoverIsadar-The Gathering II - merch photo

I’m excited to announce that I am making an appearance on “The Gathering II,” a new Will Ackerman compilation project.  The series is a continuation of the Windham Hill Samplers legacy (i.e. “A Winter’s Solstice,” etc.)  My solo piano piece, “Uncertainty (Reconstructed)” has been included.  For more information, or to purchase, click the photos above.


March 26, 2014


March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!  Welcome to the newly constructed ISADAR.COM website!  I’m excited to announce that the website is now mobile phone and tablet device “responsive” and optimized with regard to content access as well as for obtaining my music.  You’ll also find “social” links to “like,” tweet, and share from every page as well as a “search” box at the bottom of each which will search the entire website (207 pages) for any mention or instance of whatever you’re seeking. Videos are now hosted and fed directly from Vimeo and are also “responsive” to your device on any platform due to them being served through this website.

Remixing continues on “Lessons In Love” and I’m pleased to announce that Disc One has been completed.

Isadar / New York City


November 14, 2013

It’s that time of the year again!  50% off Christmas Sale through December 31st.  Use Discount Code: AR94E24D  Click here

Isadar / New York City


September 8, 2013

A brand new DVD of my special Acadiana launch concert for my 2012“Reconstructed” solo piano CD is now available exclusively here at ISADAR.COM.  The DVD was filmed in HD 16:9 ratio High-Definition live in Crowley, Lousiana at the historical Grand Opera House Of The South.  It has been professionally duplicated.  I have no plans for a Blu-Ray HD version of the disc.  Free shipping within the United States, but will also ship internationally.

Isadar / New York City


July 1, 2013

As June comes to a close, the promotions for all three of my latest solo piano albums from this past year have also concluded.   “Red” made it impressively into the Top 10, landing (and peaking) at the #9 position on the Zone Music Reporter (ZMR Chart) for February.

I have become disenchanted with YouTube recently.  All clips I try to view have either an annoying pre-roll ad or in-screen ads.  I’ve deactivated this function from my account – however, ads continue to show on some of my videos.  Although I have over 150,000 views of my videos, I have never been paid any advertising revenue generated from these ads.  I don’t see why I should continue to enable someone or a corporation to make a business model from (and profit off of) my intellectual property!  From now on, I’ll be embracing Vimeo exclusively.  As an alternative, all of my videos are viewable here on ISADAR.COM by going to the Music Videos page.

Please note that I’ve added extensive “buttons” at the top on the front page of ISADAR.COM.  I hope you find these helpful to find me across the internet at your favorite sites.

Although I’ve started the “re-visiting” of Lessons In Love (listen to a sample of how the work is progressing here), I realize that this project is going to be another major undertaking – much like the process I underwent for Cycles.  In order to continue, I’ll need to take quite a bit of time off to sort things out as well as to find a new physical space in order to perform the work.  But more particularly, to reignite my passion for continuing to work with music at all – since that seems to have escaped me for the moment.

Once I begin work again and make more traction on this project, I’ll be sure to communicate my progress here on this page.  Until then, I’ll be signing off due to radio silence.

Thanks for your patience,
Isadar / New York City


February 14, 2013

Greetings, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honoring Valentine’s Day, I’m excited, proud and pleased to officially make note of my newest solo piano album “Red.”  It is a bitter-sweet love themed album.  It was released on Tuesday, February 5th and took over 7 years to write and produce (along side my 2012 Holiday album, “O Christmas”).  There are 7 tracks on the album, but I wrote about 25 compositions – the final 7 are what I felt were the most moving to me and worthy of making it onto a new album.

The album is available as a physical CD direct from Amazon, downloadable MP3s in all digital stores such as iTunes, as a professionally transcribed and beautifully printed sheet music book (as well as a downloadable book version or individual song transcriptions).

This week, Isadar / Mainya Music is proudly underwriting the syndicated PRI (Public Radio International) radio show, “Echoes” hosted by John Diliberto.  Part of the underwriting is a large animated banner ad (see example below) Slide 1Slide 2Slide 3Slide 4Slide 5 advertising “Red” on the front page of their website as well as the airing of a few 30-second spots throughout the week.  Today, they are airing in full the third track on the album, “The Man Who Broke My Heart” as part of their special Valentine’s Day soundscape.  Watch YouTube preview here.

Radio chart-wise, I’ve been very fortunate having landed both the #4 position in December on the Zone Music Reporter (ZMR Chart) for my “O Christmas”album.  In fact, it was the highest charting Holiday album for the entire season of 2012!  “Reconstructed” is also still doing very well – having taken the #7 spot on the year-end chart.  It was also the highest ranking solo piano recording released in 2012!

“O Christmas” has been honored with a nomination by the Zone Music Reporter for Best Holiday album of 2012.  The award will be announced at the live ceremony that will take place at The Joy Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday, May 11th, 2013.

“Red” has been sent and promoted to international radio DJs and I look forward to see how it charts over the next couple of months.  (see: ads placed on the Zone Music Reporter website  Slide 1Slide 2 )

Isadar / New York City






August 24, 2012

Lots of BIG news this month, so let’s get started:

First, I’m super excited to announce that my new Christmas solo piano album, “O Christmas” is now complete.  It is set for release on November 6th.  This is a milestone for me since I’ve been working on it for the past seven years!  It will contain 10 new tracks consisting of my take and arrangement of public domain works.  Stay tuned here (or on Facebook) for details.

During the month of July, Isadar / Mainya Music proudly underwrote the syndicated PRI (Public Radio International) radio show, “Echoes” hosted by John Diliberto.  Part of the underwriting was a large banner ad Slide 1Slide 2,Slide 3 advertising “Reconstructed” on the front page of their website as well as the airing of forty 30-second spots throughout the month.

Internationally, I was honored (and I am still excited about it) to have received the award of “Album of the Month” (for July) by based out of Spain.  The album has also been nominated for 2012’s “Album Of The Year” which will be announced in early 2013!  Read their review here in Español.

My piano music from “Reconstructed” is now being aired on the major cable music channels:   Music Choice / Soundscapes, DMX Radio, and Pandora.

For both July & August, I’ve managed to hold my place in the Top 5 (currently at#4) on the ZMR’s (Zone Music Reporter) Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart.

Saving for last, I’m excited to announce that my album, “Reconstructed (solo piano)” has been submitted for consideration into 5 categories for the 55th annual GRAMMY® Awards:

1.  Best Pop Instrumental Album
2.  Best Instrumental Composition “The Purple Heart (a summary)
3.  Producer Of The Year (Non-Classical):  Will Ackerman
4.  Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical):  Thomas Eaton
5.  Best Recording Package (for Artwork / Cover / Design)

I’m curious and anxious to see how this process unfolds over the next couple of months as it gets closer to the nomination ballot stage, which will be announced in early December.  Stayed tuned.

Isadar / New York City


July 26, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that “Reconstructed (solo piano)” is currently at #2 on the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart.  The ZMR Chart is the industry source for New Age, World, Ambient, Electronic, Solo Piano, Relaxation, Instrumental and many other genres.

Isadar / New York City


June 7, 2012

Reconstructed (solo piano)” is now available at a limited introductory sale price here on ISADAR.COM.  Purchase your CD copy today!

The album has been getting great reviews (as well as airplay) and you can read these articles from the News Articles & Press Reviews page.

Particularly of highlight is an article that came out today in the Huffington Post – (part two here [added 6/11/2012]) written by Alexandra Holzer.  Alexandra’s Dad, Dr. Hans Holzer, was the Parapsychologist author who did the original research with regard to the Amityville Horror movie.  His book, “Muder in Amityville” was the source for the screenplay for the movie.  Like her Dad, Alexandra is a psychic paranormal investigator – hence the slant, and area of interests covered in the article.

Isadar / New York City


April 5, 2012

I am so excited to announce that I will be performing at the historical Grand Opera House of the South in Crowley, Louisiana, Friday, May 11, at 7pm!!! It is a “sneak-peek” pre-release concert to launch my new solo piano CD in the Acadiana area – further details will be posted here as they unfold.

Isadar / New York City


March 25, 2012

I am honored and pleased to announce that Grammy award winner Will Ackerman (founder of Windham Hill Records) will be producing my new solo piano record.  Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

 All my best,

Izzy / New York City


November 27, 2011

Looking for unique Christmas music for the holidays? All my solo piano, DVD and antique music box Christmas collections are on sale until December 31, 2011.

 Take 50% off by using code:  AR94E24D


 Included in the limited sale are 2 brand new CD releases, “Antique Music Box Christmas Collection (Disc 1 and 2).”  This 2-disc selection (sold separately) is culled from the 2007 2-disc box set, “Antique Music Box Collection” – Various Antique Music Boxes.

Until now, the Christmas selections (over 80 minutes worth of music) was only available by purchasing the entire box set.

Happy Holidays!
Izzy / New York City


November 22, 2011

The newly remixed and remastered version of my 1998 album,“Cycles,” is now available on CD from and downloadable in iTunes.  You can also now stream the album in full from Spotify.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve also released both the physical CD and the digital package as an instrumental version.  I’ve always found it interesting to hear instrumental versions of songs made by artists I like.  Without the vocals, you can hear so much more of the detail and hard work that went into making the music.  Eventually, I plan to release instrumental versions of all my vocal projects.

 Stay tuned shortly for another announcement regarding Music Box Christmas music…

Until then, enjoy…
Izzy / New York City


August  27, 2011

My music is now available for streaming 24/7 on Spotify.  All of my albums are up with the exception of the piano box set and the two vocal albums that are currently being remixed and remastered.  Click here for my Spotify page.

Remixing and Remastering of my 1998 album, “Cycles” is now complete.  It will take some time to get it up in iTunes and Spotify, so in the meantime, you can begin to hear the new versions on my Soundcloud page.

I have started the Remixing and Remastering of “Lessons In Love” but due to the size of the project I don’t anticipate this moving very quickly.

Izzy / New York City


July 2, 2011

Today, I am pleased to post some statistics regarding my music videos and their performances:

Since 2008, my music video 30-minute episodes have aired in New York City, Los Angeles, and south Louisiana on Public Access television for a whopping total number of 168 times!  (that’s 84 hours of programming)  That breaks down to well over 302 million opportunities for potential viewership!!!  I’m so proud of this accomplishment and couldn’t have done it without the help of program directorsChuck Stern at Manhattan Neighborhood Network in New York City, and Lisa Nguyen at LA36 in Los Angeles.  A big thank you both!   All episodes have run their course in all markets however, and it is time to retreat and concentrate on other things.

I am about to dig deep into the remix / rework projects I started last Summer.  As I stated back in March, I’m near half way through the album “Cycles” and with time on my hands now should move through the material at a steady pace.  As this project develops I will begin to post the new versions on my Facebook page.  If you’d like to hear them, you should check back frequently or “like” the page so that you’ll see the postings in your news feed.

Until then, have a great July!

Izzy / New York City


March 18, 2011

Sheet music books for the piano sampler collection,  “Scratching The Surface” are complete and now available:

 As March comes to a close, a few huge milestones have been reached:  my music videos have now aired in NYC on MNN for a total of 65 times, which equals to about 33 hours, reaching a potential audience of over 195 million viewers!   Series 1 & 2 also gained massive exposure (about 56 million potential viewers) while getting aired 35 times in Los Angeles on LA36 during the past 8 months.

Recently, I changed digital distributors and took this opportunity to perform basic clean-up and remastering (as well as updating cover artwork, and adding a song or two) to some of the digital albums before re-sending them back into iTunes.  They are now new and improved.

Physical CDs of these new and improved versions are also now available.  The albums are being manufactured on demand by and are of the same quality as major-label manufactured CDs.  The vocal CDs include lyrics inside the 4-page booklets.

However, during the updating process it became obvious and necessary to hold back on two old releases.  Currently, I am re-working and re-mastering one of them – my 1998 vocal album, “Cycles.”   I thought this was going to be a simple, straight-forward process when I started this back in August, but it is proving to be very time consuming – and at times, even feels like I’m making the entire record over again.  The mixing is proving to be quite frustrating and complicated in trying to emulate the original atmospheres of the tracks with entirely different technology.  I’m about 5 songs into the 14 total at the moment with much more work to go…  I suffered massive burn-out around December and have taken a break from this work since that time.  Still, the finished new versions soundawesome!!!!!  So worth the time that I’m taking to improve upon them…

After “Cycles” is finalized, I will tackle the 3-disc vocal project “Lessons In Love” from 2005 with the same re-working process.  This album was made very quickly (I targeted one song per week during production) so I am anxious to refine this to match the quality standards of my other albums.  This will then require re-synching the new audio to the existing music videos from the album as well.  Will it ever end?  LOL!

Needless to say, the piano albums are not even on my radar at this point.  However, I have plans to perform solo piano next month here in Los Angeles, but details have yet to be finalized.  As soon as that is in place, I will post somethinghere and on Facebook[performance has been cancelled, 4/29/2011]

Izzy / Los Angeles, CA


July 28, 2010

East Coast, now West Coast – LA36 has approved and will begin to cable-cast both my music videos & piano performance 12-episode series beginning in August and will be in rotation for a year.  LA36 is the second largest community cable station in the U.S., LA36 reaches over 1.6 million viewers from Bel Air to Silver Lake, from downtown Los Angeles to San Pedro, from Brentwood to Sherman Oaks.  I’ve added a link above containing the schedule as the information becomes available.

Izzy / New York City


June 28, 2010

Sheet music books for “Near The Edge Of Light” are complete and now available:


 I’ve added a 2nd YouTube Channel exclusively for my solo piano recordings and videos.  You can access it here:

 New product:  “Isadar – Solo Piano Anthology 1990-2010” is now available.  It is a 6-CD bundled set and can be purchased here:

 Isadar / New York City

June 5, 2010

Two of my solo piano CDs are now on Pandora Radio:


 I have added two new tabs to the home page:  One for “Concerts/Events” and another called, “Shop/Store.”

In early July, I will be performing solo piano at three dates in the Pacific Northwest region.  These performances are part of the Whisperings Solo Piano Artists Series.  Details can be found on the Concerts/Events page.  See also: Kathy Parson’s link.

All of my music videos and piano performances are now available on several DVD collections.  Other new products (and more on the way) are also found in the newShop/Store.  Click the covers for more information regarding the video collections:


 The sheet music transcriptions for “Near The Edge Of Light” were completed yesterday and turned over to the book printers.  This release celebrates the 20th anniversary of the making of this album (on June 19, 1990).  The virtual release, including all artwork, will be available next week from the Sheet Music tab – and single versions of individual songs will also be added soon.  I anticipate the physical books ready to ship upon my return from the July performances.

Izzy / Beverly Hills, CA


April 22, 2010

With the end of March, another huge milestone has been reached:  my music videos have aired in NYC on MNN for a total of 38 times, which equals 19 hours, reaching a potential audience of over 114 million viewers!  Episode 3 also gained great exposure (about 1.5 million potential viewers) while getting aired 13 times in south Louisiana on Acadiana Open Channel during this past December and January.

The entire 12-episode series has been converted and added to iTunes as a FREE Video Podcast.  The content can be downloaded or streamed and is viewable on the iPad, iPhone, and video compatible iPods.

A new 12- episode music video series is currently being compiled and should be ready within the next couple of weeks for airing.

The sheet music for my last solo piano collection “The Purple Heart” (click the cover art to see the back art) is now available.  The professionally printed books have also been reviewed by Kathy Parsons, a noted reviewer and teacher of solo piano published music within the new age genre.

New solo piano transcriptions for “Near the Edge of Light” are currently being made by David Shenton.  He is editing and refining my original work in order to make new versions which will be verbatim to the audio recordings that appear on the album.  As soon as he is done with the new versions, I will order books from the printer.

You’ll also find a few new music videos on the Music Video page.  Two of them are remixes for “Loving You From Afar” (which feature clips from previous released videos) and the latest video added is for my remix of LiFe v.2.o.

A few other recent music videos have also been added to that page:  “Everything I Was Looking For,” which was shot last summer in the California Mojave Desert.  “Uh-Oh!,” shot in November 2008, and “Come To Me” made this past September in the canyons of Malibu, CA.

You are now able to access a new “Solo Piano Performance Videos” page from the Music Videos page.  This gives direct access to individual songs that appeared in the solo piano episodes.

I’m planning to roll-out physical CDs of all my albums in the coming months.  As soon as I am able to set these up, order my own copy, and test the quality of these on-demand kiosks I will post the order links.  This service will be available world-wide.  I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of these systems and this will enable me to offer fans professional quality units without the upfront manufacturing investment nor having to store an inventory.

New releases are also in the works, but I am keeping the details under wraps for now.

Until then,
Isadar / Beverly Hills, CA


November 28, 2009

With last week’s airing of Solo Piano (Episode Three), another milestone has been reached:  my music videos have aired in NYC on MNN for a total of 12.5 hours, reaching a potential audience of 75 million viewers!

A solo piano “Christmas Special” has been delivered to MNN and will air during the month of December.  The links above will note dates and times when the information becomes available.

All of my music video TV episodes (including solo piano) have been added to and can be streamed there as well as here at the links above.

I now post frequent updates on my Facebook page – and lately have been uploading rare demos and works in progress.  I invite you to interact with me by becoming a “fan” of my page.  Come and check it out!

Happy Holidays!

Isadar / New York City


September 21, 2009

The music video for “LiFe v.2.o” is now on-line for viewing.  This video was painstakingly programmed by a young Canadian named Kyle Johnson and is a SIMS animation clip.  I thought the artificial world of “The Sims” would be the perfect environment for the concept of LiFe v.2.o.  I’m very grateful to Kyle for the time he spent making this video.  I love it!

Episode Two of my solo piano performance series has been delivered to MNN and I anticipate this show to air in early October.  (Still no word from AOC on whether or not my videos will begin to air again).

Isadar / New York City


September 2, 2009

The music video for “By My Side” from my album “Dream Of The Dead” is now complete and on-line for viewing.  This video was shot this past June in the California Mojave Desert.

Isadar / New York City


August 29, 2009

Since March of this year, my music videos have been on the air in New York City for a total of 8.5 hours and have reached 51 million potential viewers.

On September 16th, my Solo Piano multi-episode series will begin to air as well.  At the same time, I’m continuing to work on Episode Six (which will be the last episode for now) of my vocal videos.  So far, two videos (out of those five) are fully edited.  Three to go…

My goal then will be to get through the editing of all the live piano compositions I recorded in March.  (about 35 of them in all)  These will probably make up five to six episodes of solo piano performance content.

Once these air, the plan will be to begin a series of episodes which will blend and compile both styles.  A vocal video, followed by a piano video, etc.  This will keep me on cable TV in NYC for the next year enabling me to reach over 200 million potential views.  I also plan to launch this content in other markets when I have the opportunity.

I view all of this effort in promoting my work as a “virtual tour” and as an innovative way to get my music heard.  Exciting stuff!

Isadar / New York City


August 20, 2009

Episode Five of my music videos aired in NYC last night for the first time.  They will air two more times over the next two weeks.  In the meantime, I just finished a brand new music video of my 2nd Madonna ‘cover’ for her song, “Get Together.”

The video was shot near Palm Springs, California this past June.  I remembered driving through these fields of windmills during the summer of 2000.  They had an eerie futuristic quality about them and the area stuck out in my brain.

I’m pleased to announce that the solo piano version of my song, “The Bermuda Triangle” has been charting high in digital downloads at  I saw it go as high as #2, now it is sitting at #22.  You can keep a watch on it here: Solo Piano Downloads

This piano version of “The Bermuda Triangle” is simply an isolated mix of the actual piano performance incorporated into the full-blown recording session of the vocal song.  It originally appeared on my vocal album “Private Property” but this solo piano mix is a bonus track on Disc 1 of my sampler collection called, “Scratching The Surface.”   Because of the recent new interest in this piano version, I’ve re-cut the original music video specifically for this piano version and it will appear on the Solo Piano video episodes beginning to air in NYC next month.

Isadar / New York City


August 12, 2009

A new music video for “Thinking About You” has been completed and posted on-line.  This is a bonus track that appears on the digital album version (i.e. iTunes, etc.) of  “Dream Of The Dead.”  It technically was a live 2-track demo – but I was happy enough with the atmosphere of the performance, so I decided to simply use it as opposed to trying to recreate that “feeling.”  The video was shot in between Santa Monica and Malibu, CA this past June.  This was one instance where the “June gloom” worked to my advantage!

Episode Five of my music videos has been completed and delivered to MNN.  It will begin airing on Wednesday, August 19th.  I have also completed Episode One of the solo piano series that will begin airing Wednesday, September 16th. (Complete air dates and times can be viewed by clicking the link at the top of this page.)

Isadar / New York City


July 31, 2009

I’m pleased to announce that the new sheet music books for The Journey are now available for purchase and shipping.

***NEW!!!  Join me on Twitter (right click, and “open in new window” or ) and Facebook

The music video for “Meant To Be” is complete and up on-line for viewing.  This video was shot this past May and is the fifth clip from my latest album “The Omega Point.”

Isadar / New York City


July 20, 2009

One of the videos I shot in Los Angeles last month (for “Fun & Games“) is now fully edited and posted on-line. This was a very difficult video to shoot due to the location (Santa Monica Pier) with the hundreds of people around and the camera mechanics involved, but it was fun to make never-the-less.  It was the last video I shot the afternoon before I returned to NYC and the first I wanted to tackle editing because I knew it would be difficult.

MNN begins airing “Episode Four” of my music videos tonight (or rather 1:30am).  This is by far the best collection in my opinion and I’m anxious for it to air over the next week!

I received confirmation Friday that “The Journey” sheet music books are all printed!  I saw the final proof early last week and it looked beautiful.  They should be shipping later this week.

Isadar / New York City


June 30, 2009

Great news!  Sheet music for “The Journey” is now available via download here.  The physical books are still about 2-3 weeks away.  I will post another update when I have them on-hand and when they are available for shipping.

I spent a week in Los Angeles earlier this month and while I was there, I shot four new music videos (all songs from “Dream Of The Dead.”)  I am busy trying to catch up on video editing as I still have one music video I shot over the Thanksgiving holiday, one I shot over Christmas and another I shot in May.  Seven total that I’m trying my best to get done.

This past March I spent a day creating videos of my solo piano performances.  I made “live” clips to 35 different compositions that span across my piano projects (including a few from my unfinished album).  I have edited only nine of them so far and it is also a project I’d like to complete in the coming months. The plan is to make six 30-minute episodes (like the vocal collection) for cablecasting on MNN and AOC.  These will air in the Fall on MNN.  One episode will be exclusively for the holidays and contains piano music from “In Search For The Meaning Of Christmas” as well as a few from the new Christmas album that is still in the works.

MNN has started airing “Episode Three” of my music videos and it will air again this Thursday night (you can see the schedule by clicking the link above).  AOC has not aired anything for a few months now and most likely will not get to air “Episode Three” until late August (so I’ve been told) due to a large amount of programming that has priority scheduling.

Have a good summer!

Isadar / New York City


April 6, 2009

I just finished editing (and posted) my new video for my song “On A Pedestal.”  My videos continue to air in New York City on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.  “Episode Two” will begin airing shortly.  Check the schedules at the links above.

Isadar / New York City


March 17, 2009

Although MNN confirmed previous air dates and times for Episode One, they had technical difficulties which will result in a new schedule of air times.  (Please click the link above for new details as they become available).

Episode Three has been submitted to AOC and should begin airing at anytime (check the AOC link above for updates).

Isadar / New York City


February 19, 2009

Today, I delivered Episode One to MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) here in New York City.  My videos will begin airing in a few weeks.  Each episode will have three repeats.  Once I have the confirmed airtimes, I will post them at the link above.  I’m really excited to get on this network as they reach 3 million people throughout New York City.

Isadar / New York City


February 9, 2009

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve completed my newest video for my song “I Love You.”  It was a lot of fun to make and edit this video clip!  The music track is taken from my 2005 album, “Lessons In Love” and appears on Disc 2 of that collection.  The music was made entirely with my Fairlight CMI Series IIx (previously owned by Herbie Hancock – and used to make his infamous song, “Rock It!”).  I only added a real piano and my vocals on top of the Fairlight’s output.  This is one of my favorite compositions/arrangements that I made with the CMI.  I hope you like the song (and now the video for it) too!

Isadar / New York City


 February 2, 2009

You can stream both complete Music Video Episodes One & Two by clicking the link above.

Isadar / New York City


February 1, 2009

FuseTV Music Video Contests

Please take a moment to vote for my videos that have entered into numerous FuseTV (MakeAStar) competitions.  Currently, I’m in Groups 27, 28 and 30.

Voting requires a quick sign-up process (which is free) and once you have a user name and ID you can go back to the pages to vote.

The Link

Thanks for your support!

Isadar, New York City


January 22, 2009

I’m pleased to announce the completion of my new music video for the song “No Hope.”  You can access the video via the front page of my website or from the Music Videos tab bar.

The video was shot in-part at the prehistoric archeological site Poverty Point(1650 – 700 BC) near Monroe, Louisiana.

Isadar, New York City


January 8, 2009

Check out this guy named Sam Burns who did a wonderful cover of my solo piano composition “Where The Wild Things Are” on YouTube.  Thanks Sam!  I’m completely flattered!

Isadar, New York City


December 7, 2008

I am pleased to announce that Acadiana Open Channel, (AOC) in Lafayette, Louisiana will begin airing my music videos.  For time slot consideration and maximum amount of exposure, I created 30-minute episodes that will contain five music videos each, coupled with an interview clip at the end.  Generally, in the order that they were made.  The interview clips are being pulled from a 2-part series (about making the music videos and about my piano and vocal music process in general) that I shot in November.  It was made for a promotional 2-hour double-disc DVD video compilation.   The episodes will have a rotation life of four weeks each on AOC.  Episode 2 should begin airing in February and the entire series should run through May of 2009.

I have delivered the first episode to AOC and it will begin airing the week beginning Friday, December 19th.  Currently, a 60-second promotional spot for the episode is running (so I’m told).  If you live in the area and subscribe to Cox Cable and get Channels 15 and/or 16, you can check the weekly schedules here for the exact cable-cast time. (Click the “Programming” tab then select “Daily Schedule”)  When I have the airtime information confirmed, I will post it here in the News section.  In the meantime, check out the 60-second promo spot for the episode here on YouTube  Cox Cable has confirmed that as of June 2008 AOC reaches 120,000+ customers in the Acadiana area.

I am also excited to announce that I am now a “Whisperings:  Solo Piano” artist and I just got on board with their broadcast at Solo Piano Radio  If you are a fan of my piano music and are not familiar with “Whisperings” I strongly suggest you click the link for more information.  It’s a hugely popular Internet radio broadcast that targets people who love piano music. They also create regional concert series (which I will eventually participate).  The program launches between 1 and 2 million streams every month.  My songs that are airing in heavy rotation 24/7 are:

  • from “Near the Edge of Light”: Jealous Heart / Overview / Highway Driving / Near The Edge Of Light / Summer Nights / April Showers / Holding Back

  • from “Active Imagination”:  Active Imagination /  Waiting / Uncertainty / Love Chaconne

  • from “In Search For The Meaning Of Christmas”: Bring A Torch / Children Go Where I Send Thee / The Holly & The Ivy / Silent / Greensleeves

I am still working on my two new piano albums and transcriptions to “The Journey” are also forthcoming.  No new information at this time regarding these projects to report.

Happy Holidays!

Isadar, New York City


October 17, 2008

The sheet music collection for “In Search For The Meaning Of Christmas” is finally complete and available for sale here at ISADAR.COM  The first printing of books are spiral bound for ease in page turns.  However, they are very expensive to duplicate in this manner so the next printing will be saddle-stitched like “Active Imagination.”   You can also acquire them via instant download.

These took much longer than expected.  Nine drafts later I am finally ready to release them.  These also include chord symbols for use in a wider range of instrumentation.  Transcriptions for “The Journey” are now the focus and are very close to completion.  Check back in the coming weeks for an update.

With the Fall energy strong in the air, I am moving along on both new piano audio albums.  I’ve made lots of progress in the past few weeks!  Focusing on the piano transcriptions I believe also nudged me along this path.

Isadar, New York City


September 3, 2008

The printed sheet music books for “Active Imagination” have arrived today!  It is such a pleasure to finally get these in my hands.  The Christmas collection is not far behind.  I’ve been promised this batch shorty and these should be leaving for book duplication in a week or so if all goes as planned.

Instant downloads of the transcriptions, and select unrestricted .MP3s are now available to purchase using a credit card from this website.

I just finished editing my new music video “The Bermuda Triangle.”  It was an absolute joy to make.

Isadar, New York City


August 10, 2008  *****UPDATE*****

The sheet music collection for “Active Imagination” is now available as loose-leaf.  It is 40 pages in length and verbatim to the audio recordings.  I am having a soft-cover book professionally printed and the copies should be ready in a week or two.  The transcriber, David Shenton, has promised that the Christmas album, “In Search For The Meaning Of Christmas” will also be ready in a few weeks – in time for the holiday season.  Check back in September for details.

Look for more music videos shortly.  I am in the process of editing #15, which will be my cover version of Madonna’s “Burning Up.”

Isadar, New York City


April 10, 2008

Recently, I have made a few music videos to accompany my songs in the style of early MTV.  Although I’ve always been interested in the “music video” medium, I realized early on that I would not have an outlet to get them publicly played even if I pursued production.  In the past, it was also very expensive to make “music videos” but with new technology that is no longer a concern.

Thanks to (with their nifty tag and search capabilities) I now have the opportunity to get my music in front of a large audience who would otherwise never hear my work.

Going forward, I plan to make many videos and post them on YouTube in order to further promote and bring attention to my older recordings and album projects.  I’m also having quite a bit of fun during the process!

Since YouTube compresses uploaded video significantly (and audio/video synchronization issues occur during playback), I will always post pristine versions of the clips here in the Music Videos area found on the menu to the left.  The videos I post here can be streamed or downloaded and are made for playback in Windows Media Player.  If you are a MAC user, you can download a free Apple version of Windows Media Player here.

Additionally, I have posted a few video clips on YouTube showing my Disklavier player-piano performing my solo piano compositions.  (More to come in the future).  I’m posting these clips so that interested piano players who either do not read music, or can’t read very well, can watch the key movements of the piano and pick-up my songs “by sight.”  I actually learned a few Liz Story compositions (including “Wedding Rain”) using this method.

Click the logo below to enter (and subscribe to) my channel:

Isadar, April 10, 2008, New York City


March 9, 2008

I’m thrilled to announce that my new album, “The Omega Point” is complete and en route to digital distribution channels.

Piano sheet music transcribing continues and the collection for “Active Imagination” is near completion.

I have come to realize that while living in the confined space of my apartment in New York City (and the more time I spend away from an inspiring concert grand piano) the less I’m inclined to have an interest in producing solo piano works.  Nevertheless, I still plan to continue work on the two piano projects in progress and hope to complete them by the holiday season.

Isadar, March 9, 2008, New York City


November 17, 2007

Happy Holidays!

This has been a busy year.  My new vocal album “LiFe v.2.0” was the main focus for most of the previous months and took much longer than I expected to complete.

I am currently working on a project that is a continuation of the same type of vocal material on LiFe v.2.0.  I had not planned this, but inspiration and creativity can have a mind of its own.  Due to this, both new planned piano albums have been pushed back until the Fall of 2008.  It is highly likely (based on how deep I’m into the current project) that it will be ready early 2008.  It is untitled at this stage.

Sheet music is still being worked on – nothing new to report to that end.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Isadar, November 17, 2007, New York City


April 24, 2007

Greetings from the Big Apple!

Spring is in the air.  Get out and enjoy the weather if you have not as yet…  In the spirit of the season, I’ve joined a gym and hired a personal trainer while fundamentally changing my diet for the better.  It was time to make a serious change.  I’m amazed at the amount of physical, mental and spiritual energy almost instantly the process has returned to me.

I’m excited to report that all Mainya Music audio recordings are now available in iTunes (and other on-line stores) for downloading & sampling.

The latest addition is that of the Antique Music Box Collection.  This collection now has 30-second individual track sampling via iTunes.  Click on the iTunes logo in the AMBC page and iTunes will open to Volume 1.  The collection is split up into 10 volumes.  You can navigate to the other volumes through iTunes once on the page.  Three additional volumes contain exclusive Christmas/Holiday themed tracks and have different cover artwork in the spirit of Christmas.  All tracks are set to $0.99 and all volumes have a download price of $9.99 USD each.  Buy the entire physical CD box set direct from ISADAR.COM instead and save.  Enjoy!

I have been really busy since January.  I again upgraded my home studio.  The main addition is a Yamaha Disklavier grand piano.  With that said, two new piano albums have flowed out of me rather quickly.  The first will be titled, “Red” and will be a continuation of the improvisational style explored on “The Purple Heart (2003)” but are individual contrasting compositions instead of an entire suite.  The other piano album, is a new Christmas collection.  At the moment, it does not have a title.  These will of course have the verbatim Disklavier player-piano software performance simultaneous release.  Neither are set for release in the near future as they are still being worked on but I anticipate both completed and released by the Fall.

I have hired a music transcriber who is currently transcribing my album “Active Imagination” to piano sheet music verbatim to the CD audio.  We will follow with all other piano albums (including the composition ‘Scratching The Surface’ from the sampler)  I do not have a time estimate as to when these will be completed and ready for purchase, but I will announce the availability here.  I have already added these products to along side “Near The Edge Of Light” (which is currently available) as the new collections are forthcoming.

My other upgrade was a vintage Neumann U87 microphone for my vocals.  This was a real find and treasure!  It was manufactured in 1969 for a professional recording studio in the Netherlands.  It also happens to be THE mic that ABBA used to record their vocals on all albums and hits!  Words can not describe the texture and warmth of this microphone!  I look forward to a lifetime of use making vocals with this jewel.

Lastly, I discovered virtual synths – actual synthesizers which reside in computer RAM memory.  They work very much like fonts in a word processing application.  This has been a real epiphany.  I was very close to purchasing a Fairlight CMI Series III (c. 1991) but when I experienced the capabilities and functions of the “virtual” synths I quickly abandoned for good all interest I ever had in a CMI.

The virtual synths have sped up my process by 100-fold.  I can put together the bed of a track in an hour or two whereas it used to take me weeks or months!  This has allowed me to catch up on most of the archived MIDI material I had written and arranged during the span of 1991 through 2000.  ‘Part 1’ of these results is a new vocal album titled, “LiFe v.2.0”  I’m in the midst of revising lyrics and no real master vocals have been recorded as of yet, but it is moving along as expected.  I also anticipate this being released in the Fall or earlier since it is further along than either piano album.

Thanks for your support and taking the time to read my news!

Isadar, April 24, 2007, New York City

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