ISADAR – “To Be In Love” – Single (lyrics)

ISADAR – “To Be In Love – Single” – Lyrics

I’ve Been Waiting Too Long Now,
For You And Me.
I Was Hoping That It Would
Eventually Be…

I Was So Broken,
I Didn’t Know What’s Waiting For Me.
I Was So Hoping,
That You Would Come And Rescue Me…
Now, I Know That Your Love –
Is Everything That I Need.

It Won’t Be Simple Now,
My Heart Is Aching,
My Spirit’s Breaking.
How Can It Feel This Way?
When I Hear You Calling,
I Feel Like I’m Falling.
Forever Starts Today,
My Heart Has Spoken,
My Soul Is Awoken.
Do You Know How It Feels
To Be In Love?
To Be In Love…

Right Now,
It’s Easy To See…
What You’re Doing To Me.
But I,
Don’t Know, How You Feel,
Or Even If This Is Real…


Gotta Get Up (Lyrics)

Situations Always Got To Ruin My Right
And Situations Always Got To Rule My Life

[Spoken:] Listen,
(‘Cause) You Gotta Get Up,
When You Fall Down,
You Gotta Get Up… [3X]

Situations Always Got To Lose My Mind
Situations Always Want To Ruin My Light


F.I. Thibodeaux (BMI)
Published by Mainya Music Publishing (BMI)

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