ISADAR – “Thinking About You” [music video]

Video clip for “Thinking About You” (a digital bonus track) from Isadar’s 1997 vocal album “Dream Of The Dead.”

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My Soul Longs For You,
Although I Have Never Seen You,
I Know Who You Are,
Like Magic,
I Know You Will Appear Into My Life.
In Time,
I Will Know Your Name,
In Time,
I Will Know (Feel) Your Pain…

(But) Tonight, All Though
All I Can Do Is Fantasize – –
Thinking About You Holding Me Tight,
Thinking About You Loving Me. . .
…You Loving Me.
(I’m Thinking About You Lovin Me. . .)

When The Tide Moves In,
And That Feeling Sets In – –
I Feel So Alone. . .
Like The Moon,
In Total Darkness,
Its Looking At Me, Smiling. . .

If Only I Could See You,
If Only I Could Love You – –
It Would Feel Just A Little Bit Better,
And I’ve Been Trying To Stop Thinking About You…

(December 31, 1987)

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