ISADAR – The Vermilion – October 26, 1990


Near the Edge of Light
by Elizabeth Beazer, Music Critic
The Vermilion
(October 26, 1990)

The Acadiana area is pigeonholed for its Cajun music.  In reality many talented people are creating their own style of music.  Fabian Thibodeaux, a native of Church Point and a USL graduate and employee, is one of these exciting new musicians.  Near the Edge of Light is Thibodeaux’s first recording.  It is a combination of exceptionally enjoyable new age piano solos.

All of the pieces except “Star of Wonder (We Three Kings)” were composed by Thibodeaux.  His modernized arrangement of this song is excellent, unlike most rearranged classics.  Accompanied by simple, yet magical sound effects, the music creates the image of the glorious sparkling star that the wise men saw on that special night so long ago. Two other songs on the album use special sound effects to paint a picture in the subconscious of listeners.  “Highway Driving” contains the distant hum of traffic on a busy freeway.  “April Showers” has the calming sound of falling rain in the background.

Isadar’s dark emotional playing generates an atmosphere that allows the listener’s thoughts to melt into the music, gradually becoming one with it.  This underlying intellectual quality appeals to all who love beautiful music.

Look forward to the summer release of his second album, Dream of the Dead, which is strongly influenced by the celebrated artist Kate Bush.  His current release is available in all record stores in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, except for Musicland.



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