ISADAR – “The Omega Point” [music video]

Video clip of “The Omega Point” from Isadar’s 2008 vocal album “The Omega Point.”

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I’m Traveling…
Through The Multiverse,
I’m Seeking All Of My Truth…
Like A Traveler,
I’m Curious…
Where Are We Going, As A Human Race?
Danger – Lurking Everywhere.
I’m Finding It Difficult,
To Know Where I Stand…

I’m Heading Straight Into The Future,
And I’m Climbing…
I’m Heading Up
Towards The Finite End.
The Clouds Are Opening,
And I Think That I See God…
‘Cause I Am At The Omega Point.

Technological Singularity,
Its Artificial – But infinity!
Simulated Reality –
Digitalism Noosphere
Maybe This Is,
Where We Are Now?


12-21-2012 [December 21, 2012]
Oh, It’s A Mystery…
Only Time Will Tell…
The Past Century –
Has Been Difficult
So Many Changes,
And No Time To Dwell…
The Many-Worlds –
Are Consuming Me…So!!!!!


Engulfing The Universe…
Its Difficult, But Essential
Information That Is Processed –
Will Never Be,
Can Never Be Lost.
Quantum Computers –
What Is The Cost?


“This Is Paradise!” (REPEAT)
“I Shall Be, What I Shall Be…”
“I Am That I Am / I Am Who I Am…”
“I Am.”
“I Think That I Am God.”


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