ISADAR – “The Bermuda Triangle” [music video]

Video clip of “The Bermuda Triangle” from Isadar’s 2006 vocal album “Private Property.”

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Where’re All The Planes?
Where’re All The Boats?
Where’re All The People That Have Gone Missing?
Where’re All The Souls,
Where Did They Go?
Baby, Time Traveling –
I’m Afraid To Know…

I Have A Theory About Bermuda’s Triangle –
It’s The Twilight Zone.
I Think That It Is A Gateway
To Another World –
That’s Not Like Our Own, No…

I’m Gonna Take A Boat And Travel Right Out To Sea.
I’m Not Scared, And I Don’t Feel Danger,
But I Hope Nothing Happens To Me…
I’ve Heard That People Go Missing –
But I Never Thought It Would Be Me –
No I Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never,
Never Thought That It Could Be Me…


I Think I See The Planes,
I Think I See The Boats…
Where Did The People Go?
I’m Gonna Rescue Them…
Do They Need Help?
And What About Me?
Am I Lost At Sea?


Maybe When We Find Them,
They Won’t Wanna Come Home.
Maybe It’s All Bliss…
Like Something We Missed.
Maybe I’ll Never, Ever, Ever, Never, Ever,
Never Want To Come Home…
Yeah, And Maybe They Never, Ever, Ever, Never, Ever,
Ever Want To Come Home, No, No…


It’s Not Like Our Own…
Maybe Baby When We Go After Them,
We Won’t Never Ever Wanna Come Back…
In The Triangle,
Bermuda’s Triangle…
Never Wanna Come Home –
Oh, No… Never Come Back.
‘Might Never…
‘Might Never…
‘Might Never Want To Come Back.
Maybe It’s Bliss,
I Have A Feeling It’s Bliss…
Come On Baby, Let’s Go,
What Are You Waiting For?


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