ISADAR – “Surrender” [music video]

Music Video for “Surrender” taken from the 2007 Isadar album “LiFe v.2.0”

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Last Night,
I Fell Into Your Spell…
I’m Right On This Border Of Love –
Well, I Could Go Back,
Or, I Could Stay – –
Or, I Could Continue…

You Think You Know What It’s All About –
Oh, And You Think You’re In Love Without A Doubt,
Well, Have I Got News For You,
You’re Gonna Get Hurt – Through And Through –

Oh, If You Surrender (What You Know)
I Could Surrender (Yeah, I Know)
I Could Surrender (But, I Know)
That I’d Be Even Closer Tomorrow…

[Rap: Funny How It Goes, When You Get Down Honey –
Gonna See It In Your Eyes,
And I’m Gonna Surrender.
Oh No, Not Gonna Do That,
Never Gonna Go There –
I Remember…]



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