ISADAR – “Superdome” [music video]

Music video of song “Superdome” from Isadar’s 2006 album “Private Property.”

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My Name Is Not FEMA.
I Won’t Be Your Shelter.
Just Like During Katrina,
You’ve Got To Be Strong,
You’ve Got To Hold On…

I’m Not Your Superdome.
Don’t Wanna Be Your Astrodome.
I’m Not Your Superdome,
Don’t Wanna Be Your Astrodome –
I’d Rather Be Alone…
I’d Rather Be Alone…Oh-oh.

I’m Not An Oasis
For Not Covering Your Bases.
You Should Hide – Your Pride.
I’m Unloving When You’re Unbecoming.

And I Try To Tear You Down –
When Telling Friends You’re Not ‘Round.
But It’s Really My Own Fear – –
Knowing I Can’t Really Hear – –
Myself When I Tell You – –
Oh, When I Tell You…



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