ISADAR – “Scratching The Surface – Sampler (Disc 1- Solo Piano)” – Album Page


 1   New York City Skyline  [from “The Purple Heart,” 2003]
 2   In A Corner  [from “Near the Edge of Light,” 1990]
 3   The Journey  [from “The Journey,” 2000]
 4   Waiting  [from “Active Imagination,” 1999]
 5   The Bermuda Triangle (solo piano version)  [BONUS, original appears on “Private Property,” 2006]
 6   Overview  [from “Near the Edge of Light,” 1990]
 7   By Ear / By Heart / By Soul  [from “The Purple Heart,” 2003]
 8   Scratching The Surface  [BONUS, 2004]
 9   Voice Of God (Thanksgiving)  [from “The Journey,” 2000]
10   Jealous Heart  [from “Near the Edge of Light,” 1990]
11   Greensleeves (homage to Liz Story)  [from “In Search for the Meaning of Christmas,” 1999]
12   End Of The Line  [from “The Journey,” 2000]
13   Love Chaconne  [from “Active Imagination,” 1999]

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