ISADAR – “Private Property” [music video]

Video clip of “Private Property” from Isadar’s 2006 vocal album “Private Property.”

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You’re In Violation.
You’re Not Authorized To Be Here.
No Permits Are Valid.
No Licenses Are Available.
No One Is Allowed To Trespass…

To Protect, Oh I’ll Fight.
To Protect, Oh I’ll Kill.
To Protect, Oh I’ll Fight,
Like A Mother Of A Newborn.

(‘Cause) You’re On Private Property –
No Man’s Land.
You’re On Private Property,
And I’ll Do Whatever I Can…

Didn’t You See The Signs?
This Land Is Posted.
It’s Already Claimed – –
And It’s All Mine.
And It’s All Mine.



I’ve Worked So Hard,
So Much Pain.
So Much Hurting,
But I’ve Made It Out Of These Woods –
And I’ll Let Nothing
Destroy My Work.

(I Just Hope, Your Fear, Is Strong Enough,
To Keep You, Out Of My Woods…




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