ISADAR – “On A Pedestal” [music video]

Video clip for “On A Pedestal” from Isadar’s 2007 vocal album “LiFe v.2.0.”

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You Shelter Me,
You Shield The Rain,
You Take The Thunder From Under Me,
You Ease My Pain,
You Watch The Rain,
You Keep The Water From Touching Me – –

And You Take My Heart – –
And You Take My Soul – – When
You Put Me On A Pedestal – –
You (Place / Got / Put) Me On A Pedestal – –
You Keep Me From Knowing;
You Keep Me From Growing…

You Watch The Waves,
You Take The Plane,
You Take The Ocean Away From Me…
You Hold The Train – –
You Feed The Rein (Rain) – –
You Keep The Thunder From Striking Me…


You Shade The Sun…

(ad lib ’til end)


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