ISADAR – “No Hope” [music video]

Music Video for the song “No Hope” from the album “Lessons In Love (Disc 1)” [2004]

Note: this video was shot at the prehistoric archeological site of “Poverty Point” (1650–700 BC) located in northeastern Louisiana, USA.

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My Heart Is Buried Beneath The Ground,
Archaeologists Couldn’t Get To It – –
Even If They Tried.
Nothing Never Grows There – –
‘Cause The Soil Is So Contaminated. . .
No Light Ever Shines There Either;
It’s A Shaded Area – –
A Deserted Place. . .

I Lost The Map That Showed Me How To Get To It – –
And, I Lost The Map That Showed Me How To Find It – –
Now There’s No-O-O-Oh Hope,
Now There’s No-O-O-Oh Hope,
Just Instinct. . .
Just Instinct. . .

I’m Lost And I’m Frightened,
I’m Panicking. . .
I’m Desperately Searching For My Heart.
If Only I Could Find It. . .
If Only I Could Feel It. . .
If Only I Could Use It. . .



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