ISADAR – “Loving You From Afar (Adagio)” [music video]

Music video for “Loving You From Afar (Adagio)” from Isadar’s 2005 album “Lessons In Love” (Disc 2)

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I Feel Like I Know You –
Even Though We Never Really Met.
I Want To Get Closer To You,
And I Feel That You’d Like That Too…

But Something’s Not Right,
Something’s In The Way –
I Know You’re Scared,
‘Cause I Am Too…
So For Now,
It Will Just Have To Do…

O-Oh, I’m Loving You From Afar,
O-Oh I’m Loving You From Afar –
And I Really Don’t Even Know How,
But It’s The Only Way That I’m Allowed…

When I See You Around –
You Look At Me And You Smile.
Maybe It’s Time To Make A Move,
But I Feel Oh There’s Just Too Much To Lose…
So I’ll Keep Loving You From Afar…



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