ISADAR – “LiFe v.2.o (Remix Version)” [music video]

Music video for “LiFe v.2.o” (Remix Version) title track from Isadar’s 2007 album, “LiFe v.2.o.”

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Sometimes It Just Happens…
Can Never Be Guaranteed.
But Life…
Is How We Experience Everything
Its How We Are Effected And Hopefully Grow…

Life, Can Be Real Demanding (Real Demanding)
Life, Can Be So Cold (Be So Cold)
Life, Is Not An Answer But A Question –
Sometimes It Gets So Bad I’ve Got To Let Go …
I Need An Upgrade …
To LiFe,
Version, (Revision), Version (Vision)
[Oh… Oh!]

Day After Day, Time Goes By…
Year After Year, I’m Getting Older –
I’m Wondering How I Survived.
I’m Craving Feeling, (Feeling)
I’m Craving Soul (I’m Craving Soul)
Yet I’m Only Numb.
How Could I End Up Here, Oh Please Tell Me?


I Need A Higher Plane,
Before I Go Insane.
Where Are All The Updates?
Give Me Every Available Patch…
No, I Can’t Wait For A New Release…
I Know Its Going To Be Better Than Now –
Its Got To Be Better Than Now…  ‘Cause…


Come On, Come On, Come On, Come On
Come On, Come On – Give It To Me!
(I Need An Upgrade.)
Come On, Come On, Come On, Come On
Come On, Come On – Give It To Me!


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