ISADAR – Lessons In Love (Album Credits)

Description:  Originally released in 2005, “Lessons In Love” (a three disc project) is Isadar’s 9th studio album. It is styled in Pop, being rhythmic and vocal. The Fairlight CMI was utilized in the making of some of these recordings and the entire album has been revisited, remixed, and remastered in this new “10th Anniversary” reboot edition. The new remixed and re-mastered album contains 31 tracks along with 5 bonus cuts. At the time of recording in 2004, the album was an attempted exercise to produce one song a week during the course of one year. To stay on this ambitious schedule several remixes were made instead – and these redundant tracks (which were made more obsolete after remixing took place) have been left off this new lineup. Due to the original quick production schedule, remixing and re-mastering was necessary in order to bring the quality up to par with Isadar’s other vocal releases. Isadar states, “I saw many holes in the raw arrangements and many places that needed extra care and attention that time restrictions didn’t allow when I first produced the album…” – Mainya Music Entertainment (January 2015)

Kawai K4, Fairlight CMI Series IIx, Alesis QS-8, Roland F-100 Piano, Yamaha C 7 Concert Grand, Vocals/Voices: Isadar
Electric Guitar on “He Comforts Me”:  Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum
Guest Voice Samples On “A Void In Me (Avoiding Me)”:  Friends, and a deranged queen
Recorded At: MME Recordings (Lake Charles, LA, New York, NY, and Queens, NY), Old-Wells Fargo, Abbeville, LA, University of Lousiana, Angelle Hall, Lafayette, LA
Remixed & Remastered:  (2013 – 2014) MME Recordings, NYC
Additional Recording:  “Come To Me” recorded Spring 1988/2004 – Music tracks recorded on a Tascam 388 – analog 1/4″ open-reel 8-track (USL, Angelle Hall, Lafayette, LA)  Keyboard/Synthesizer/Sampler:  Roland S-5o
Music tracks digitally archived April 2004 (Brooklyn, NY – Engineer:  Dave Patrikios)

“He Comforts Me” recorded in 1998/2001
“I Love You”
recorded in January 1999/2004
recorded in January 2000
recorded in August/September 2001

New vocals on “Alberto” & “Dead Or Alive” recorded at: Lofish Recording Studio, NYC (January 2014) (with thanks to Elisabeth Lohninger)

All compositions by F.I. Thibodeaux and published by Mainya Music Publishing (BMI)
Approximate running time:  157:00     MME- 0110 / 0111 / 0112 / Instrumental Versions: MME-0113 / 0114 / 0115
© 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003 F.I. Thibodeaux
℗ 2005 Mainya Music Entertainment

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