ISADAR – “It’s Over (I Still Love You” – Single (Lyrics)

It‘s Over (I Still Love You)
Just A Dream

IT’S OVER (I Still Love You)

Did You Notice,
How Far I Came For You?
A First Kiss…
Then I Knew You – Through And Through
My One Wish – Was The Hope You Knew Me Too…
Did We Go There?
A Place We Never Knew…
That’s How We Started, And How I Ended Up With You.
But All Along, Was It Wrong?
And Are You Sure, You Want To Hear More?

It’s Over,
Time To Look For Someone New
It’s Over,
I’m Tired Of Waiting Around For You
It’s Over,
I Saw It Coming, That Is True.
It’s Over,
And Now We’re Never Gonna Say, “I Do,”
This Much I Knew…
But I’m Still In Love With You…
It’s All That I Can Do… (I Still Love You, And It’s All That I Can Do…)

We’re Going Nowhere, Is That Really Fair?
We’re Often Up There – Inside Of Our Own Head.
Instead Of Listening,
To Our Hearts, Are They Dead?
I’m So Tired, Of Begging You…
(Aren’t You Tired, Of Being You?)
I’m So Tired, Of Watching You…

(CHORUS) / [Instrumental Break] / (CHORUS)

{Repeat 2nd Verse} / (CHORUS)

I, I Still Love You…
I, I’m Still In Love With You… (Repeat X ’till end)


The Floor I Walk On Is Tumbling Down.
The Walls Around Me Are Pushing Me Down.
I Stumble To The Chair, And I Sit Down.
I Try To Stay Calm, But I Go Round-And-Round…

I Saw It Approach, But From Where I Don’t Know…
It Came From High, And Went Real Down Low.
I Open The Window, So I Could See,
Then I Knew, That It Was After Me…

I Know It’s Not Real, I Know It’s Not…
It’s Just A Bad Dream,
That’s All It Is.
Ooo, Please Tell Me Why Is It In Color?
Is That The Way It Should Be?
(When It’s Just A Dream)

I Say To Myself, “This Isn’t Real!”
But When That Thing Touched Me, I Knew I Could Feel…
If This Is A Dream, Then Why Do I See In Color?
Is This The Way It Should Be?
Is This The Way It Should Be?


Oh, It’s Just A Dream (Repeat X)


F.I. Thibodeaux (BMI)
Published by Mainya Music Publishing (BMI)

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