ISADAR – “It’s My Birthday” (Single Review)

12″ Single Review

Isadar  / “It’s My Birthday”
(CD single) {taken from the album “Cycles”} 
Mainya Music Entertainment

By Mike Bagley

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Fans of High NRG dance music should find delight in the debut single by Isadar called “It’s My Birthday.”

Echoes of Soft Cell, Erasure and Jazz volley back and forth through the four various mixes while the beat keeps itself centered and focused on it’s more nineties feel. It’s a celebration call on anyone willing to listen to the howling sounds and vibrant message of the song’s metaphor for life hang-ups. You know, liberate your soul and party all night because, “It’s My Birthday!”

If the dance field can afford one more Euro-artist with his own unique style, then Isadar may be around for the long haul.


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