ISADAR – “Elevations (electronic soundscapes)” – Album Credits

Description:  “Elevations (electronic soundscapes)” is Isadar’s 3rd album.  As the title suggests, it is a full-length album containing 18 tracks (plus a bonus cut, “Crop Circles”) of instrumental electronic music.  This album is different from his other works in the sense that it is the only time Isadar ever explored this particular new-age electronic genre.  Most of the album paints atmospheres and landscapes of dream worlds and hypnotic states – shamanic in quality and spiritual depth.   This album contains an early instrumental version of “Fatal Accident” which the final vocal version appears on his 2006 release, “Private Property.”  Like his later music videos explored visual accompaniment to his songs, “African Safari” was originally created for a Ralph Lauren “Safari” TV ad.  The composition, “Drag Queens In Outer Space:  In Search Of The Girlina Jewels, was directly inspired by the 1992 sci-fi/comedy cult Phillip R. Ford / Doris Fish film, “Vegas In Space.”

All Keyboards & Programming:  Isadar
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at:  MME Recordings, (Lafayette, LA, New York, NY, and Queens, NY)
Engineer:  Fabian I. Thibodeaux
All compositions by F.I. Thibodeaux and published by Mainya Music Publishing (BMI)
Running time:  70:02     MME- 0700
© ℗ 1994, 2006 Mainya Music Entertainment
Album Cover Design, Photography & Manipulation:  Jean Claire Burleigh

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