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The Dream
  1.  Reality (Two Different Worlds)
  2.  Dream Of The Dead House-and-Appliances-Tv-icon
  3.  Hangin’ On
The Enchantment
  4.  Back To The Beginning
  5.  Everything I Was Looking For House-and-Appliances-Tv-icon
  6.  Fun & Games House-and-Appliances-Tv-icon
The Awakening
  7.  Not That Easy
 8.  By My Side House-and-Appliances-Tv-icon
 9.  Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
10.  Wake Up
11.  Wake Up (excerpt from 12″ Remix) [hidden cut])

    Following Bonus Tracks Available Thru Download Only

12.  Haunting Me
13.  Thinking About You House-and-Appliances-Tv-icon

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