ISADAR – “Come To Me” [music video]

Video clip for “Come To Me” from Disc Two of Isadar’s 2005 vocal album “Lessons In Love.”

Video available on DVD collection here at

Audio available for download in iTunes: (temporarily unavailable at this time)

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You Touched Me,
Where No One Ever Has…
Your Every Word Goes
Deep Into My Soul.


I Want (Need) To Be With You Now -
But You Are So Far Away…

Everywhere I Look,
I See Your Face -
My Whole Body Weeps Like A Willow,
It Weeps Like A Willow…



I’ll Go To You -
If You Will Come To Me.
I Want To Always Be There For You -
Oh, How I Love You!

Love Is Strange.
I Feel So Good When I’m With You,
When You’re Away -
I Bleed With Pain.
Though I Know We Just Met,
But I’ve Known You All Of My Life -
And I’ve Finally Found You -
I Won’t Give Up
Until You Are In My Arms…




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