ISADAR – ALBUM REVIEW – Near The Edge Of Light


Near The Edge Of Light /Isadar

Is-A-Door Productions

Produced By Isadar

by Katrinna Huggs, The Times Of Acadiana, Lafayette, LA

(April 24, 1991)

Near The Edge Of Light, the debut album by Isadar, a.k.a Fabian Thibodeaux, is certainly something bright on the Lafayette music scene horizon.  New age in Cajun country is, to put it mildly, an anomaly.

But not only does Isadar do it different in a place where avant-garde is rarely appreciated, Isadar does it right.  The mostly original piano solos he performs with no other accompaniments but a few studio-induced oceanic sound effects rank right up there with the stylistic finesse of a George Winston.  The opening song, “Jealous Heart” could even be a Winston song.

However, where Isadar’s sound differs from contemporary pianists like Winston and crosses over into new age is in the surreal effect the album increasingly takes on.  Near The Edge Of Light becomes progressively dreamlike and less melodic.  Isadar manages this transgression from melody to dream state without fading into the la la land that characterizes much Muzak of this new age ilk.



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