ISADAR – “2nd Chances” – Lyrics


ISADAR – “2nd Chances – Single” – Lyrics


My Love, I Just Want You To Know;
That I Feel So Loved
I’m Focused And I’m Grounded;
I’m Sturdy And I’m Sound.

But, I Know, It Would Only Take A Second In Time
To Knock The Wind Out Of Me;
And Crumble To The Ground,
My Love, Listen To Me!

I Don’t Believe In Second Chances;
I’ve Built My Life On Love; Not Romancing. . .
I Don’t Know All The Circumstances;
My Love, I Don’t Want,
I Don’t Want “It” To Go!!

My Love, I Don’t Know What To Do
I’ve Been Used And Abused;
So I’m Uncertain Of The Truth.
And I’m Tired Of Counting Bruises.

Show Me The Way;
And Give Me A Sign (My Love)
I Want To Stay;
But I’ll Lose My Mind
My Love, Listen To Me!




Your Fan (I Wanna Be) – Bonus Track (Lyrics)

* RE-WRITE of “Your Man (I Wanna Be)” for Coca-Cola / 2016 Brazilian Summer Olympic Games – licensing
submission opportunity

Lifting, mind over matter…
with precision and skill

Let’s go,
Into the Vellodrome
You’re gonna take the Gold,
While your riding home…

I Wanna Be Your Fan
I Wanna Be Your Fan
I Wanna Be, I Wanna Be
I Wanna Be Your Fan…

Diving into the water
A perfect 10,
Yeah, we wanna see you win

The crowd sees all the excitement,
Well, get us inside,
And we’ll scream our best!


Fencing, Parallel Bars
Golf, Boxing, They can be Stars
Wrestling, Sailing, Taekwondo,
Shot put, Football, See how they throw…
Cycling, Swimming, Synchronized too…
Archery, Aim! Don’t forget the canoe!
Of all these games, which comes first?
Grab a Coke and quench your thirst!

{Touch Me / Taste Me}


F.I. Thibodeaux (BMI)
Published by Mainya Music Publishing (BMI)

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