ISADAR - Cycles (Instrumental Version)
Description:  Originally released in 1998, "Cycles" is Isadar's 4th studio album. It is styled in Pop, being rhythmic and vocal. This was the first album recorded on his own in his home studio during 1997, on the heels of completing "Dream of the Dead." The Fairlight CMI was utilized in the making of these recordings and the entire album has been revisited, remixed, and remastered in this new edition (October 2011) which also contains brand new artwork and packaging. - Mainya Music Entertainment                                                                                                                             


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1.   Beautiful People  Listen

2.   God  Listen

3.   Cycles  Listen

4.   I'm Dancing  Listen

5.   Playing The Piano (for Sam)  Listen

6.   Broken Dreams  Listen

7.   Too Many Broken Hearts  Listen

8.   Show Me  Listen

9.   This Light  Listen

10.  Keep It Inside  Listen

11.  Today  Listen

12.  Invisibility  Listen

13.  It’s My Birthday  Listen

14.  Hard Play  Listen