Cajun Folk Music – HOWARD THIBODEAUX (guitar) J.W. THIBODEAUX (accordion) – Album Credits

Recorded:  late 1940’s, Church Point, Louisiana
Announcer/M.C. & Recorded By:  Aaron J. Thibodeaux
24-bit Digital Restoration, Editing/Mixing/Mastering, and Produced by:  Fabian I. Thibodeaux
© ℗ 2006 Mainya Music Entertainment     MME- 0150
 All original arrangements of public domain works, and original tunes:  “A Little Bit Of Jam Session” & “Sign-Off” by Howard & J.W. Thibodeaux (F.I. Thibodeaux / BMI) and are published by Mainya Music Publishing (BMI), except:

“I’ve Got $5 And It’s Saturday Night” by Ted Daffen / published by Peer International Corp. (BMI)

“The Church Point Breakdown” by Iry LeJeune / published by TEK Publishing (BMI)

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