Antique Music Boxes

Mainya Music Entertainment (ISADAR.COM) is proud to offer the following audio recordings of Antique Music Boxes.  In all, we bring to you 4-compact disc collections (over 10 hours of music) representing the most comprehensive and meticulously created audio recordings of antique music boxes ever produced.  We used the following boxes to make these exceptionally unique recordings:  Symphonion, Troubadour, Kalliope, Polyphon, and the most popular of them all, the Regina.

The albums compile works by some early American composers which have never been recorded until now, including:  waltzes, polkas, marches, dances, cakewalks and two-steps.  We have also included numerous sacred songs and Christmas/Holiday themed content for your enjoyment.  Please click the album covers below for more information regarding each title.


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