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Antique Music Box Collection
Description:  Mainya Music Entertainment (ISADAR.COM) brings to you this 6-compact disc collection
(over 7 hours of music) representing the most comprehensive audio recordings of antique music boxes ever produced.
This box set contains 384 songs (some by early American composers which have never been recorded until now) including:
waltzes, polkas, marches, dances, cakewalks and two-steps.  Also includes numerous sacred songs
and an entire 72-minute disc dedicated exclusively to Christmas/Holiday themed content.

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The entire collection is available through iTunes and Amazon.com for 30-second individual track sampling.
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Recorded:  June 2004 & December 2006

Recorded Digitally in 24-bit at:  Wells Fargo Building (1897), Abbeville, LA

Music Boxes/Disks Curator & Creative Director:  Dexter W. Thibodeaux

Recording Engineer:  F.I. Thibodeaux

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